#!/usr/bin/env python

def chargeandprop(AAseq):
    protseq = AAseq.upper()
    charge = -0.002
    cp = 0
    AACharge = {"C":-.045,"D":-.999,"E":-.998,"H":.091,
    for aa in protseq:
        charge += AACharge.get(aa,0)
        if aa in AACharge:
            cp += 1
    prop = float(cp)/len(AAseq)*100
    return (charge,prop)

def netc(req,seq,title,prop):
    req.content_type = 'text/html'
    charge,propval = chargeandprop(seq)
    req.write("<html><body>Job title: "+title+"<br/>"+
              "Your sequence is:<br/>"+seq+"<br/>"+
              "Net charge: "+str(charge)+"<br/>")
    if prop=="y":
        req.write("Proportion of charged AA: %.2f" %propval)
    return None

This code is part of the book "Python for Bioinformatics", by Sebastian Bassi (sbassi@genesdigitales.com). Return to home page.