from Bio.SeqUtils import MeltingTemp as MT
import pyExcelerator
primerfile = '/home/sb/bioinfo/primerlist.txt'
# w is the name of a newly created workbook. 
w = pyExcelerator.Workbook()
# ws is the name of a new sheet in this workbook. 
ws = w.add_sheet('Result')
# These two lines writes the titles of the columns. 
ws.write(0,0,'Primer Sequence')
i = 1
for line in open(primerfile):
    # For each line in the input file, write the primer
    # sequence and the Tm     
    j = 0
    primer = line.replace('\n','')
    ws.write(i,j+1,'%2.2f' %(MT.Tm_staluc(primer)))
    i += 1
# Save the spreadsheel into a file.'/home/sb/bioinfo/primerout.xls')

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